NSS committee

Department of NSS


NSS committee Science College, Pauni believes in the NSS motto "Not Me But You" and intends to imbibe in students, the spirit of service and enable them to be responsible citizens and to expose them to the society and its issues thereby making them sensitive about the community that they are a part of.

Composition of the Committee

Dr.Vithal Patange(Program Officer)
Assistant Professor

Dr.Rini Jain (Assistant Program Officer )
Assistant Professor


  1. To serve the society and be instrumental in bringing about positive changes in the society.
  2. To strive for sustainable development in the community.
  3. To identify the obstacles and sensitize the students about the ground realities of the society and plan measures to address these issues.


  1. Orientation about NSS programme to the volunteers.
  2. To promote national programmes like Swach Bharath Abhiyan, Afforestation etc.
  3. Aid the students in equipping themselves with the skills that are required for service.
  4. To conduct legal survey and awareness programmes in the community.
  5. To avail the existing resources and contribute accordingly to its accessibility.

Earlier Activities: